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Product Center

Slitting Machine Series

XT-YAD-200S Vertical Slitting Machine

XT-YAD-200S Vertical Slitting Machine
Product Details

Machine component

A. Control way: Independent control box

    B. Unwinding unit:

      1. Unwinding tension control: 5kg magnetic powder brakes

      2. Load/unload way: Air shaft

      3. Edge correction: Automatic

    C. Rewinding unit:

      1. Rewinding tension control: 5kg magnetic powder clutch (2 set)

      2. Tension display: Meter display

      3. Load/unload way: Air shaft

      4. Rewind and press way: Sectional type press roller

    D. Slitting unit:

      1. Blade control way: Manual

      2. Straight blade 5 set

    E: Main Driver:

     1. Structure: Steel and soft roller

     2. Driving method: Motor traction

     3. Chain synchronize   

     4. Convey roller: Aluminum guide roller

Main Processing Materials

Material:  PE、PP、PET、OPP、PVC and low gsm paper etc.

Range Of Application